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  • £17.95

    This Adventurous Slip-in Album holds 200 digital prints, 2 landscape 11x16cm prints per side.

    It also has memo space next to each card so you can caption each image.

    Available in blue or brown.


    BOGOTA Slip-in Photo Album

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  • £8.95£22.95

    Slip-in album.

    Print size: 11x16cm (digital size).

    Available to insert 100 or 200 photo prints.

    These albums display the prints in landscape orientation on white backgrounds with slip-in pockets.  The 200 print version comes complete with memo cards to caption each photo and a cd bag . Please note pockets are side-loading not top-loading.

    Available in green, yellow, orange, baby blue, navy blue and red.


    BASIC Photo Album

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