Square Photo Print – 20x20cm /8×8″


  • Paper : Fujifilm high-quality standard printing paper
  • Inks : Fujifilm high-quality inks
  • Printers : Fujifilm Printers
  • Photo Dimensions : 20x20cm
  • Finishes : Glossy or Matte*
  • Border : No border or thin white 2mm border*

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Quantity Price(per print)
1 - 9 £2.20
10 - 29 £2.10
30+ £2.00


If you are looking for some different shaped prints, why not check out our Square Prints? They come in a range of sizes and are great for a gallery wall at home.

Create beautiful square photo prints; printed on high quality FujiFilm printing paper, using Fujifilm premium Inks.

Available in both Glossy & Matte finishes.


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